We're on a mission to unlock artistic and literary creativity in everyone.

Our goal is to help people overcome their fears and limits, bringing out their best creative selves with the help of AI.

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Our values

Founded on 20th June 2023 in the bustling heart of Berlin, Germany, our inception came at a time of global economic challenges. Yet, inspired by the resilience of cockroach startups, we chose to embark on this journey. As a technology powerhouse at the forefront of AI software development, we are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that tackle today's challenges head-on. Our products are designed not just to meet the ever-growing demand for content creation at scale but to revolutionize how it's done.

Customer first

Our customers come first. Every decision we make is with them in mind. Prioritizing the needs and feedback of our customers to deliver products and services that exceed expectations.

People empowerment

Our strength lies in our team. We grow when our people grow. Recognizing the value of each team member, fostering a culture of respect, growth, and inclusivity, and ensuring a safe, motivating work environment.

Technological agility

Innovation is our compass. We adapt, adopt, and advance. Staying ahead of the curve by embracing and integrating promising technologies that enhance our efficiency, services, and customer experience.

Meet our leadership

We're a powerhouse of passion, driven by excellence, committed to crafting unparalleled solutions for our users.

  • Richy Kalingarayar

    Richy Kalingarayar

    Founder & CEO

    Richy is the visionary behind our products and solutions, driving innovation and strategy.